My Story

Ariel Trent is the founder of Crave Moisture.  After years of suffering with severe eczema and battling all the insecurities that came with it, she became her own hero and the person she was always looking for but couldn't find.

Itchy. Stressed. Irritated. Uncomfortable. Painful. Weary. Fed up of all the things we feel, for those who suffer from any type of inflammatory issue. Eczema being what I struggle with everyday. After years of being told steroids and anti-inflammatory pills are the only solutions to see my skin clear for good, which was quickly disproved, I started my own natural journey. Some of you may know me and for others I am a new face. I was born and raised in Brooklyn into a Vincentian household. I grew up treating many of my sensitive skin and common colds with natural herbs, teas, foods and soups. As I got older I became exposed to foreign prescription drugs, recommended by doctors, with ingredients with over 4 syllables that I couldn’t pronounce. Betametazone, Clobetosol  and many others. No, these aren’t street drugs. The joy was momentary and this ointment ‘crack’ became addicting. It was ‘magical’ at first,  like liquid gold how quickly my eczema would "clear up." Temporary relief felt great but was short lived. In due time, my skin would break out and I was constantly running for medicine. I really had no knowledge of what I was putting on my skin and, in turn, letting seep into my body. It scared me and I knew I needed to create a different way.

I went back to what I know! My love for tea. Morning and night I was drinking tea, and without knowing, had been drinking some blends with natural ingredients that were healing my skin. Thanks Mom! The natural herbs you gave me, from the lush lands of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, inspired me to create my own concoction, that's helped heal my skin from the inside out. Specifically, my hand-crafted organic blend, Caribbean Remedy. I now expose my body to natural anti-inflammatory herbs that provide long term results, bringing relief and a healthier lifestyle.

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